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I got the idea for making the Zoltar costume from the movie Big, then it just happened from there. I made my costume out of a refrigerator box that I got from Lowe's, and the rest of the items in the fortune telling machine are just some things that I found laying around the house. It stands a about six and a half feet tall, and about is about two and a half feet wide. I also have lights hooked up inside an outside of the costume to give it a mystical look to it. It costed about $25 and that was just for the outside of the costume to make it look like wood. Everyone was surrourding me the whole night asking me to tell them their fortune, so I put a bucket inside that said I would speak for candy. I had entered the local halloween contest and I took first prize in my division. It was a blast being able to have made the costume for so cheap, and meeting all the people that I had encountered that halloween. I'm hoping to make a better one here soon that is made of real wood.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I set up a MisFortune Booth at my party where we were going to hand out "misfortunes" like "Your doppelganger is more successful than you" or "You should have played the lottery yesterday".

    Was funny and added a dark humor to it.