Introduction: Zombia Face Tutorial

In this Tutorial i will teach you an easy to follow guide on how to do a simple zombie face with pins attached.

Step 1: Materials

Red and black paint
Safety pins
Liquid latex
Fake blood
Dry blood
Paper towel cut into 4-6 thin strips about 5-7 inches long

Step 2: Step 1

Step 1: Add black eye shadow or paint to cheekbones to give end results a more deeper and realistic look.

Step 3: Step 2

Step 2: Apply liquid latex to each side of the mouth and cheeks and attach the paper straps. Leaving little gaps in between (I left 2 gaps). Once fully dry apply liquid latex again on top of paper strips to fully cover strips and make sure the paper towels are fully attached. Apply around the gaps as well so it hardens leaving just a tiny gap for the pins to be attached.

Step 4: Step 3

Step 3: Once fully dry add a blood effect to paper towels to cover the white. I used red paint because I couldn’t find dry blood. The dry blood looks much more real. You can just add with a paint brush. You can be as clean or as messy as you want. again you can add black eye shadow to make it stand out more

Step 5: Step 4

Step 4: Once you have added the black spots to the red you add liquid blood. Allow some to drip down the sides of the cheeks giving it a more realistic look. Again you can be as clean or as messy as you want.

Step 6: Step 5

Step 5: For the last step you want to enter the safety pins into the gaps you left on both sides. Be careful not to pin your actual skin.  At the end you can re-touch anything you want or add more blood.

PS: Again looks more natural with dry blood and you can add as many pins as you want. Also add white and black paint around the face to give it a creepier look if you want. Have fun and enjoy!!