Introduction: Zombie Emergency Defend Box

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This was made for a friend. His Birthday happens to be on Halloween.

Step 1: Materials Used


The wood was bought in a hardware store. Those boards were ment to be used for shelfes.

3 or 4 times lacquered with black wood stain to get a nice satin finish.


A piece of plywood, some wadding to get a fluffy look and red suede put on it with a stapler.


It's just two big Screws, painted black. The Airsoftgun doesn't weight much.

To hold the front acrylic sheet we've used some nice looking nails.

Step 2: Ammo

The box was taken from tablets. The print was made on paper and finished with satin paint. The ammunition was made from polished copperpipes. Some red sticker (+satin paint) made them look a bit more realistic. We've pushed some rubber into it and painted it black.


A thin piece of Acryl and a drilled hole.


Made with a plotter and white stickerfoil (Avery Fascal 800 white).

Step 3: The Box and the Airgun


To fix the ammonution and the ammo-box we've nailed the box and glued the ammo.


The gun is stupid. We'll ... it is a shutgun with a scope.

Bought online. Those airguns are quite cheap.

Step 4: Presentation

Get some white protective suits, big welding gloves, safety goggles and airmasks.

At least, try to look nasty and have fun :)

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