Introduction: Zombie Halloween Costume

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I made a super cool halloween costume with tissues and cotton balls!


Sewn lips:
Tissue, cotton balls (pulled apart), liquid latex, stage blood paste, stage blood gel, stage blood, yarn, concealer, scissors, threading needle, dark face paint
Stabbed eye:
Tissue, cotton balls (pulled apart), dark red face paint, black face paint, half a pencil, liquid latex, blood paste, blood gel
Slashed arm:
Scar wax, dark red face paint, black face paint, blood gel, stage blood

Step 1: Clothing

For this zombie attire, I just found some clothes that I don’t really wear and tear them up a bit.

Step 2: Tied Mouth Continued

I cut a hole in the mouth in a long oval, and made pockets above and below it. I used black face paint to color my lips. I then used scissors to poke holes above and below the hole and threaded yarn through them. I tied the yarn off on both ends.

Step 3: Starting the Tied Mouth

I took liquid latex and glued tissues using that to my mouth. I used about 2 layers of tissue on this. Then, I pulled apart my cotton balls and latexes them to the tissues. I added another layer of latex on top and when that dried, I put foundation/concealer over that.

Step 4: Making the Eye Prosthetic

I glued three layers of tissues together with latex and then cotton. I stuck the pencil with latex to that and used cotton to help support it. Cover it in a thin layer of latex.

Step 5: Stabbed Eye

I latexed the prosthetic over my eye. (DO NOT PUT LATEX ON OR IN YOUR EYE!) I then put cotton around that to make it blend better. I used black and dark red on the prosthetic to make the wound look deep. I then added contour to the shadows of my face and pale face paint to the highlights to make me look dead.

Step 6: Slashed Arm

I drew out where I wanted to put the scar wax on. I put the scar wax over the drawing and smoothed the outside edges to my skin with Vaseline. I added black and dark red face paint to the inside and smudged it a bit on the outside to cover up the translucency of the wax.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

To finish it off, I added some stage blood all over.

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