Introduction: Zombie Pin Cushion

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Who doesn't want a cute little zombie plush to cuddle all their sewing needles and pins. C: 
This is easy to make considering I am just a beginner at sewing myself and never even made a template before. 
I do not have a template to give to you... but its easy to make. I will try my best to work with you guys step-by-step. If you have any questions just leave a comment below or contact me on my Kik (username : temotokarii) and i will try my best to work with you as i said before. 

Now lets make a zombie ^^

Step 1: Cutting Out the Pattern

As i stated before, I have not made a template. But this is how you create the set up :3
First create two twin circles ( about the size of your fist or palm ) and in one of the copies you made, cut a small hole (i used the size of my thread wheel thingy to measure this) in the top corner on either side (depending on the side you want it, this will be the bulging eye)

Then make another circle a little bit bigger than the eye hole you made, so the eye will bulge out.

Next just cut out a little cloud like shape out of any size you want, should be smaller than the head though. 

Step 2: Creating the Eye

Next you will sew the eye you cut out to the eye hole, you would want to make sure the edges are close together so you will know this eye will be bulging as if it is popping out of socket > u O

Step 3:

This is how it should look from the front

Step 4:

Now just make so sloppy stitching for the pupil of the eye.

Step 5: Eye and Mouth

I did a simple running stitch (i think this is what it is called) to make the eyes an mouth, and just went over it a couple times. I cheated in the end also and ran over the stitching with a black marker, mainly just to make it darker... i liked how it looked along with the stitching though. So i don't regret doing the stitching also. 

Step 6: Creating the Head

Sew the other half of the head to the first half then turn it right side out and stuff it. use a lot of stuffing. If it feels like you used so much that your fabric is about to rip use more. C: also when you are sewing together i would suggest leaving an opening under the part you plan to place your brain. this will allow you to cover up any nasty stitching. 

Step 7: Creating the Brain

Now sew on the brain over the messy stitching and make even messier stitching when sewing on, this can create dead hairs for your zombie plushie. 
You do not have to do this but i also added a tiny amount of stuffing under the brain since brains are usually squishy. 

Step 8: Add Detail

Now i have just taken a black marker and added wrinkles to my brain, bags under the eyes, scars, and darkened the eye and mouth. I also put a few more stray strings to make more dead hair, and added a nose.