Zombie Smasher Mk.1




Introduction: Zombie Smasher Mk.1

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Zombie Smasher Mk.1

Careful with this one! Not a toy. This is not my normal type of build but it was really fun to create! ZOMBIES BEWARE :) lol

Step 1: Cutting the Parts

-Cut down some wood in to a 1.5" hexagon pattern about 33.5" long.

-cut some oak in to 7.75" x .75" x .5" pieces six total.

-put a 45 (top) and a 60 degree (bottom) on each end of the six strips.

- drill 7/16" holes into the six pieces. Three pairs of two. Make sure spacing does not align with other two pair

-12 holes total.

- Attach the strips to the top end with 45 degree cuts at top.

- Use wood glue and nails. let it dry completely.

-Drill out the holes in handle with same drill bit.

-paint or stain the wood. I used a black ebony stain.

Step 2: The Rebar Spikes

I used 7/16" rebar.

-Cut rebar into 12" pieces 6 in total

-Sharpen the tips but they don't have to come to a point.

***this is just a prop so I did NOT sharpen all the way :)

-use epoxy and pound the spikes into the holes.

- I then used galvanized wire to wrap around the rebar spikes for extra strength.

Step 3: The Hand Grip Wrap

- use epoxy and paracord to wrap the handle

- For a 20" wrap I used three pieces at 16' long. Or one 48' piece will work.

*I also used 16, 9mm brass bullet cases cut down for decor at top and bottom of the paracord wrap. And one 40cal. on but of end. Completely aesthetic but looks cool! (all primers are used, gone, dead,)

- Epoxy bullet cut off onto handle.

- Paint some triangles or other fun shapes on the top by the spikes!

Step 4: DONE! Now Smash a Watermelon!

- Please remember this is a prop not a toy. I have a video showing how I made this little gem on youtube.

Step 5: My Video!


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    6 years ago

    Remember to make the link actually work by taking out the period in 'youtube'. Or you could just take out the link all together because you show it right there. This is really cool!


    Reply 6 years ago

    By 'it' (in the second sentence) I mean the video.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Awesome! You definitely have my vote. I especially love the smashing sequence at the end of the video. It's like apocalyptic Gallagher.

    Mitch Makes
    Mitch Makes

    Reply 6 years ago

    Cool Thanks! I'm still new to this Instructables thing but I love it! Gives me a chance to explain things!