Introduction: Zombie Spitting Out Vomit

I took a class called making the future and in this class we were told to make projects with a halloween kind of theme. I decided to make a zombie who could spit out vomit and speak and have its eyes light up all in one switch. This project will take a lot of time with about 5 solid work days if you are working hard. Today I will take you on a journey with ups and downs but you HAVE to stick with the project. We will paper mache, paint and wire with this project. I hope you are ready.

Step 1: Materials

  • MDF Board
  • Newspaper (a lot)
  • Tape (a lot)
  • Paint (your choice)
  • Paper Mache Glue
  • LED Light Strips (for eyes)
  • Drill (for holes)
  • Tape Roles (eyes and mouth)
  • Paper Towels (Paper Mache)
  • Tube (Water Pump)
  • Styrofoam (tongue)
  • Aluminum Tape (switch)
  • Wires (eyes)
  • Sautering Iron (Wires)
  • Two 12 volt batteries
  • Water Pump
  • Green food colering

Step 2: MDF Board Holes

First what you want to do is get a MDF Board and get 3 tape roles for both the eyes and mouth. Then get a drill and drill holes in the middle of the tape roles and tape down the tape roles to the MDF Board.

Step 3: Paper Mache

You will need to do this step in 2 parts because you have to make homemade glue and it takes a day to dry.

STEP A: Preparation for Paper Mache

In this step you will need a lot of paper towels and tape. First you will crumple up paper towels and tape them to the MDF board with tape. You want to build a face so build your paper around the tape rolls on the eyes and mouth. Try hard to make your paper mache like a face because you want people to know that it looks like a face when they see the project. You will also need to make homemade glue in this step. You need one cup water and one cup flower and you need to put them in a bowl and mix well with a beater or a spoon to get rid of the lumps. Then let your glue sit for about a day then you will be ready to paper mache.

STEP B: Paper Mache

After you have let your glue sit you should get your cut news paper out and you should cover your paper towel/ tape with newspaper. Then you will have a face like the image I have shown.

Step 4: Painting

After you have finished your paper mache you need to paint your paper mache to make it look more like a face. You can choose any colors you want because that is your decision. I used green and red because I wanted my face too look like a zombie but it is completely your choice.

Step 5: MayKey MayKey

MayKey MayKey:

For the MayKey MayKey you need to go to and create an account for yourself and make whatever wacky noise you want your face to say when you turn on the switch. It is totally your decision but I had mine make a vomiting sound because my face is vomiting. Then you will get some alligator clips and clip one to the space place on the MayKey MayKey and one to the ground and then you will connect those two alligator clips to a cardboard switch. When you are on the website after you have created an account go to create then go to sound then where it says play sound meow click that and then press record. Record your thing and then drag play sound recording until done onto the blank space on the right because then it will play your whole sound. After that go to events and drag when space key is pressed onto the right on top of your recording. Then whenever you press the cardboard switch the sound will go off.

Step 6: Water Pump

In this step you will have to get your water pump and your 2 tubes, one leading to the green water and one leading through the mouth. When you are leading your plastic tube through the mouth you need something to hold it so I made a Styrofoam tongue to stick through the mouth to hold the tube up so the water shoots more effectively. Get 3 alligator clips and connect one directly to the 12 volt battery and one to the cardboard switch that you put your MayKey MayKey wires on so the pump wont spark. Then you will get your water into a bowl and put green food coloring into it so it can be green and vomit.

Step 7: Lights

Get 2 LED light strips and role them up in the tape rolls so they eyes can light up. I made my LED light strips red but you are allowed to do whatever color you like with your LED light strips. I sautered the wires to the LED light strip at the back of my project because it was to much of a pain to have the alligator wires because that was too many wires for me. For sautering you have to get metal and melt the the wire to the positive and negative of your LED strip. Then once it has dried you can just connect your positive and negative to the battery without using any alligator clips.

Step 8: Switch

The final step is making the switch, for the switch what I did was take a cardboard piece and some aluminum tape. First you will fold the cardboard in half and put aluminum tape on both sides of the cardboard then connect all of your wires to that aluminum switch. When you push that "button" all of your things will go off.

Step 9: Close


Thank you for sticking with me all throughout this process. Your project will be really cool!