Introduction: Zombrex Box & Leaflet

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Hello everyone! Today I will teach how to make a zombrex box from Deadrising, and offer a leaflet with it. I really wish to do the syringe too but it's a bit complicated to obtain one, since Auto-Injectors aren't widespread on my country and it's mostly to quickly self administer insulin on a emergency.

Step 1: You Will Need

A Computer (obviously)
A Printer (same)
The box Image file and the leaflet file (both can be downloaded here: )

Step 2: Print Everything

Print the box and the leaflet on card stock, I printed on a print center near home where they print on various types of papers and formats, I even printed a Deadrising poster there.

Step 3: Cut and Fold

Cut and fold The printed box, I recommend the help of a ruler since you will get more straight lined folds, and glue the marked area. Fold the leaflet and put inside the box if you like.

Step 4: And It's Done! But There Is More!

Now that your box is ready you can use it as a decorative item or as a custom box for your Auto-Injector if you heave one. if you want, you can print a label on adhesive paper and decorate your Injector with it.

Enjoy! challenge

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