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Have your kids ever asked for a ELABORATE room? Well my sisters have and let's say we gave them what they wanted! So let's show you how to make a awesome room! My sisters outgrew this room last year so they kept the wallpaper up and changed there room but we are going to show you how to make a awesome zoo room that will last your kids for years to come!

Step 1: Wallpaper

For there wallpaper our parents stayed up for at least five hours doing this! Now they are not artistically talented so the wallpaper is really just a rub on template sheet done by squares! They used a Popsicle stick and rubbed this on! You can find this stuff at your local Micheals!

Step 2: Zebra Print!

I don't know what this is called but anyways my mom did this by hand by just drawing stripes like a zebra which is very simple! She used a sharpie poster paint extra bold point in black!

Step 3: Pillows!

What is room without decorative pillows! We found these at our local winners and home sense!

Step 4: Tigers!

Who doesn't love tigers? Well two tigers can always spruce up a room whether they are decorative stuffed animals or not! We also found these at our local winners and home sense!

Step 5: Plants!

You can add real plants if you want but for our room we decided to go with something a little easier for kids to take care of! We picked up some fake plants to spruce up the room and trust me, they almost fooled me for second!we also got these at our local winners and home sense!

Step 6: Poster or Painting?

Sometimes a simple picture can just finish a room off! We found this amazing picture also at our local winners and home sense!

Step 7: Room Paint

So since we only did one wall zoo, we painted the rest of the walls a kinda safari brown! You can do yours whatever colour you want but this is just an example!

Step 8: Bedding

For our bedding we got a plain brown bedding to match the room! We also got this at winners and home sense!

Step 9: Blankets

We got some blankets from winners and home sense that were zebra print and one that was cheeta print! They totally topped off the look!

Step 10: Finally Just Add Whatever Else You Want

Thanks for reading my tutorial and hope you vote for me in the contest!
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