Introduction: Animation With Windows Movie Maker and Paint

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do you not have all the special animation things on your computer but you have a windows computer and you want to make an animation? then this instructable is perfect for you

Step 1: Step 1

Open windows movie maker and paint that you can find in the bottom left button labelled “start” in the home screen

Step 2: Step 2

Next draw a picture on paint  Then use select from the tool box (it is the rectangle that is dotted lined)

Step 3: Step 3

Once you have clicked select then make a rectangle around the whole picture, right click and then select copy.

Step 4: Step 4

Once this is done go to file in the menu box up top and click new

It will come up saying “do you want to save changes to Untitled?” click save and save it as whatever you want and then 1 (I chose Untitled 1) then click save and it will come up with a new paint

Step 5: Step 5

Once that is done right click anywhere in the white blank screen and click paste

It will come up like the earlier picture that you drew

Step 6: Step 6

Once the picture has come up rub out something of the picture with the eraser tool and draw it back but change it a little.

Step 7: Step 7

Then get the select tool from the side tool box and select the whole picture again, right click and choose copy

Step 8: Step 8

Then click file in the tool box at the top and then choose new

Step 9: Step 9

It will come up with a box saying “Do you want to save changes to Untitled?” click save and name it the same name that you named the earlier picture but instead of 1 at the end have 2 (I chose Untitled 2)

Step 10: Step 10

Then when the new screen comes up right click and choose paste

Step 11: Step 11

Once the picture has come up again do the same as before (rub out a bit then draw it back but changed a bit then choose select in the side tool box and select the whole picture then right click, choose copy, then go to the top tool box go into file choose new save changes as the same name as before but the next number up witch would be 3 then right click in new screen and then choose paste, once that is done do the same over again so that you make him move just a bit each time changing the name by up one number.

Step 12: Step 12

Then go into windows movie maker and choose pictures in the import section. It will come up with a box that looked just like the save box in paint but instead of saying save it says import at the bottom. Click on the first picture that you drew (mine was Untitled 1 to Untitled 9) hold down shift and click on the last picture you drew then click import, it should come up like this (the last picture)

Step 13: Step 13

Then click on the first picture you drew hold down shift then click on the last picture you drew, click and hold on any of the small icons that are there and drag it to the time line down the bottom where it says “Drag media here” it should look like this (last picture)

Step 14: Step 14

Then in the timeline go to the top of the time line and go across to the left where there are to magnifying glasses one with a + in one and a – in the other. Click the magnifying glass that has the + in it as far as it can go.

Step 15: Step 15

Then click on the first picture and move the cursor right to the end of it so the cursor turns into a red arrow, then click and hold then drag the cursor right to the other end so that the first picture will be only .08 seconds do this for all the pictures

Step 16: Step 16

It should end up looking like this, then click play and it should be a little animation

Step 17: Step 17

now that you've made paint animation use the exact same places paint and windows movie maker but use the internet get a picture and change that a bit. i made one with George bush saying something because you can record yourself on a mic and put it into the audio section of the time line. okay cool beans