Introduction: Assassins Knife Holster / Dedicated to "=SMART="/"X13"

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Concernin the thread/question

This is just a very simple construction. Never will make it real, so it's theoretical, but it should be stable though. So this is meant to be a howto attach a switch-blade under your forearm, nothin more and nothin less.

For demonstration i used pictures made with paint brush.

Discussions bout this project are explicitely desired to elimininate any problems bout this draft.

Step 1: Tools/Materials


- small pieces of leather 
- sum metal plate (0,5mm/0.02" thickness)
- 4 blind rivets
- two or three clasps
- sum piece of rubber foam


- Cutter (for cuttin leather)
- Hole Punch
- metal shears
- sum pliers for the blind rivets
- sum normal pliers/mallet (to bend the metal)
- sum screw clamps/bench vice (to fasten the metal for bending)
- scissors to cut the foam into shape
- glue

Step 2: Measuring Outer Diameter

well, what you need is a holster that is quite tightened. I guess, best would be a metal case. For most of my construction i use steel of 0,5mm thickness (approx 0.02"). Additionally you would want the case to hold the knife without dangling inside.
For constructing such a holster, i would start measuring around the knife, say the outer diameter of the thing...

Step 3: Rubber Foam/cushion

...then cut sum rubber foam at the size "knife's length"x"mentioned diameter". The rubber foam functions as cushion for the case.
Maybe cut it even a lil bit lesser than the diameter to make the cushion tighter.

For makin it easier to insert the knife in the end, thin out one of the "diameter"-sides of the foam.

Now maybe would be useful to wrap the foam around the knife and mark the point where the switch for the blade is located. Cut a hole there into the foam to reach it.

Step 4: Cuttin the Metal Case

Now for the case you have to cut sum metal with (almost!) the same measures as the  foam: for each side you have to add approximately (!) the thickness (that way it gets tight).
For cuttin the metal split one of the broadsides into two halves and extend them to both sides (see pict - that should be the case's plate).

Step 5: Holes

Before bending the plate make sum holes to attach the case to a metal base usin the rivets, say you need a drill at the size of your rivets.
Use a bigger drill to geht rid off the flashs (but be careful to not enlarge the holes).

If you have cut a hole for the knife's mecanism sumwhere in the foam, now do the same with the meal (mark a ring or a rectangle, drill the lines with many small holes close to each other, then it should be no prob to cut/snip it out))

Step 6: Bending the Plate

now for bending the plate, i suggest that you have marked all angles. Now fasten the metal with clamps on a sharp solid edge (e.g. stone, concrete) or with the bench vice and bend it with pliers or mallet (or whatever) - maybe you even should check out the metal's performance while tryin to bend it usin a "test-plate".

Step 7: Base

For the base plate you just need those two halves again, but put  together again. After cuttin the plate, put the case on it and mark the points for the holes. Work precisely, otherwise you won't get the rivets into the holes.

Step 8: Leather

now make two laces, a lil bit longer than the diameter of your forearm. For each lace make  a tiny hole at one end for the awl of the clasp, insert the clasp and bend the leather around. Arrest the clasp with a rivet.

Instead of the two laces you could also use a big-sized rectangle, put eyelets in the long sides for a cording/leather ribbon, maybe that makes things even tighter, but it also needs more time to pull it on.

Step 9:

put the base-plate on the middle of the laces, mark the hole-points cut holes at the same size to the leather usin the hole punch.
Now add the case and put the case, the base-plate and the laces together with the rivets.
All you need to do now is to make sum more tiny holes into the laces, bend the whole thing round your forearm and fix it tightely with the clasps.