Introduction: Automatic K'nex Hidden Blade (for New People Like Me)

this is a modified version of  another hidden blade i saw, made by Raz1r Knex Bull3t.
      i made it automatic by means of rubber bands, i made a finger trigger, and put a cardboard vambrace on it, so you can take it of and put it on quickly.

this is a simple blade for new builders and builders with a limited amounts of k'nex.

Step 1: Materials

the materials are:  
5 long gray rods 
7 orange connector pieces
3 red three nook pieces
5 gray two nook pieces
11 gray one nook pieces
4 pink short one nook pieces
4 white rods
1 tinny green rod
3 blue rods

some rubber bands
some string
some card broad
a finger sized ring
a nerf bullet (optional) 

Step 2: Bacis Part One

take 2 of the gray rods and join them together with 2 orange pieces
       put another rod in through the orange pieces and secure it with the end of a nerf dart and a 3 nook red piece 

now put on 1 nook pieces on top next to the dart and tie a rubber from them to the 3 nook red piece
        now it should pop back into place if you push it down

Step 3: The Base

take the other 2 gray rods and put pink pieces on the top of both of them an then click on 2 nook pieces, an orange concocter, and then 2 2 nook pieces again.

     slide the first piece uoy mad into the 2 pieces om top of the one you just made and put two 1 nook pieces on the end to allow it to slide back and forth

Step 4: Riging the Rubber Bands

you can now attach orange pieces on the end of the gray rods and put rubber bands throgh them and put a blue bar over them to hold them on place

you can then rig the bands to the pink pieces and it should work like a spring now

Step 5: The Triger Pice

you should be able to just copy the picture for this one

Step 6:

attach the piece that you just made to the rest of the device

the 2 nook piece should lock into the red piece on top (see second picture)

Step 7:

make 2 of these and strap them onto the end of the mechanism with an orange piece to tie them down
      these will hold the string to attach to your arm in the later

Step 8:

make what is in picture one

tie put the string through the orange conecters on the bottom of the device and tie the end to the triger 

Step 9:

now you should have something that looks like this:

all you have to do now is put string on it an strap it to your hand

 i said that i would explain a vambrace but i am to tiered. maybe later