Introduction: Babycorn Curry

Recipe: babycorns- approx 10, cut into 4 pieces

Capsicum- 1 big diced into 1/2 inch pcs Tomatoes- 2 fr gravy.. roughly chopped n 1 big fr curry.. deseeded n roughly chopped Onion- 1 long slices Ginger garlic paste- 1/2 tbsp each Kajus- 4-5 Tomato ketchup- 1.5 tbsp Oregano n ther masale.. oil.. coriand leaves

1.Pan.. oil 2 tbsp.. fry babycorn n capsi till slightly golden brown n remove 2. Gravy.. In Same oil.. onion.. slightly golden then add ginger garlic paste.. cook well fr 2-3 mins... add tomatoes cook till soft..add msale red chilli pwd 1tsp.. salt ..haldi 1/4 tsp.. dhania 1tsp..jeera pwd 1/2 tsp.. amchur pwd 1/2 tsp..when masale cooked well add kajus n grind with sme water.. remove

3. Oil 1tsp.. jeera 1/2 tsp.. oregano 1/2 tsp.. gravy paste.. tomato ketchup.. when it leaves pan..add capsi n babycorn.. mix..add tomatoes.. garam masala 1/2 tsp coriand leaves 1 tbsp Lemon juice 1

Mix well n serve with garnish of coriand leaves