Introduction: Basic Knex Gun

 i made this thing yesterday when I was bored, build it yourself! you will need 11 yellow sticks, 2 red/orange sticks, one purple endpiece, 2 white circles, 1 white stick, 2 yellow bends, 1 green bend, 1 small green stick,and 1 small grey bend.

Step 1: Step One

 build this simple piece out of one orange/ red stick, 1 yellow bend, and a yellow stick.

Step 2: A Little Complex

 build this piece quickly and pay attention to the notes that point out the flaws.

Step 3: Prepare for the Next Step

 attach a few yellow sticks to the 2 white circles, making sure to keep the 2 white circles lined up.

Step 4: The Hardest Step

slide the 2 white circles to the opposite sides of the yellow sticks , then  attach the rest of the  yellow sticks, having three yellow sticks left over, to the 2 white circles. this can take some practice.

Step 5:

 slide the barrel over the orange/ red stick and add the purple endpiece.

Step 6:

 attach the 2 pieces together like this and you're done!!!

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