Introduction: Bottled Artworks

It all started with a Sauce Bottle. I painted it to make a flower vase but then ended up in making an african girl. Loved it and continued ............. I hope my "Mother MARY" is innovative and promotes the idea of RRR (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle). If you love this idea too..................VOTE for me :)

Step 1: Required Items

1 Glass Bottle

Set of Acrylic Colors - White / Sky Blue/Flesh tint/ Black/Pink

3 D Outliners - Blue / Black/ White

4 Packs of M-Seal or any other epoxy compound

Assorted Paint Brushes

1 Rolling Pin

Talcum Powder

A Fountain Pen ( for making face)

2 Metal wires

1 Sharp knife

Step 2: Paint the Glass Bottle

With White Acrylic color paint the glass bottle.

Step 3: Mixing the M-Seal ( Epoxy Compound)

Thoroughly mix M-Seal.

Step 4: End Result of Mixing

This is the result of mixing, you will get a black substance

Step 5: Put Face on the Bottle

Make a spherical shape ball (from epoxy compound) and stick it on the bottle. Leave it 2-3 hours to dry and harden.

Step 6: Making Shoulder and Hands

Apply M-seal on the mouth of bottle to make shoulders. Give metal wires shape of arms and stick it in the shoulders. Give support with two small blobs of m-seal. Also at the end put m-seal in the shape of Palms.

Step 7: Paint the Face and Shoulder

Paint the face and shoulder. I initially painted with Golden color but didn't quiet liked it sooooo.... gave it a flesh tint by mixing Orange color (1 part) + White (4 part) .

Step 8: Making Clothes From M-Seal

Spread talcum powder on a board. Put M -Seal round on the board and spread it the help of rolling pin. End result is a thin sheet of m-seal which can be given any look. But this step has to performed with utmost care.

Step 9: Making the Gown and Shawl

With a sharp knife cut the rolled layer m-seal and stick it on shoulder giving it shape of upper part of gown. As for lower part bottle's shape take care of. Then put another layer as shawl on both the side of shoulder.

Step 10: Paint the Dress

Paint the Gown white and Shawl sky blue.

Step 11: Paint Features of the Face

Take acrylic color in a bowl . With the help of fountain pen ( i use pen because even with zero brush fine features cannot be painted) hair/ paint eyes/eye brow/nose and lips.

Step 12: Finishing Touches

Highlight the Shawl and gown with outliner. Also give finishing touches wherever required. And voila bottle is now Mother Mary ( a divine transformation)

Step 13: Some of My Creations ( From Glass Bottle)

With little practice and creativity, you can do it...........

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