Introduction: Can Tab Chain Body Armour

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grade 2 aluminum can tab armour.
Strong and easy to make, but takes a while to make.

Step 1: Materials

for this you will need

- a lot of copper wiring

- needle nose pliers

- wire cutters (unless the pliers come with wire cutters)

- and a couple hundred can tabs

Step 2: Stringing the Tab Chains Together

cut a little wire and have two tabs ready. Make a u with the wire and slide it into one end of one tab. Make sure that you do both holes, and that it is the same kind of hole.

Step 3: Bonus

i took apart a vacuum cleaner to get the copper wiring and theese metal squares you can see in the finished product. Mine is a plate chain hybrid. But other things you can do are make capes, gloves, whatever. (I'm still working on the gloves.)