Introduction: Canvas Quote Art

Got a canvas with some old faded art on it?

Score big at a yardsale?

Upcycle that old wall art into something of your own style.


  • a quote
  • a canvas of any size
  • 2 different colors of spray paint
  • a hot glue gun
  • box cutter or exacto knife

Step 1: Prep Canvas

Prep the old canvas by giving it a good wipe down with a rag or damp paper towel to get rid of spider webs or dust that might be on there.

Once clean, pick the color you want the text of the quote to be and paint the entire top of the canvas in that color.

Then let it dry. (at least one day)

Step 2: Layout Your Quote

Next go on your computer's text editor (microsoft word, notepad, etc.) and type out your quote. Choose a font that you want your quote to be in (it is best to avoid cursive and other curvy fonts, stick to a font that has straight edges and easy angles) Enlarge the font to a desirable size depending on the size of your canvas. Print your quote and then cut each letter out (TIP: you might need to print it in landscape form to fit more onto a page, helps save trees.) then using elmer's glue paste the quote onto your canvas.

For the author of the quote, I did his name in hot glue. I looked up his signature and then lightly copied it on to the canvas with a pencil. Then using my glue gun I glued over the pencil lines.

(Id wait at least 2 days to let everything dry completely)

Step 3: Spray Paint

Next comes the easy and fun part!

Select a different color that you want to use as the background color and spray paint the entire canvas in that color. Make sure you get the sides of the canvas as well.

Then let it dry. (at least one day)

Step 4: Peel & Touch Up

Now once everything is absolutely dry, start peeling off the paper letters.

This tends to be the trickiest part of the process. To help me separate the glue from the canvas I used an exacto knife to slide underneath. If you're really struggling, use a wet sponge and dab the letters to loosen the glue. After peeling all the letters off you might need to touch up some of the edged on some of the letters. Take an old small paint brush and fix any spots where the paint might be missing from.

You're done!