Introduction: Chalkboard Paint Jars

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Every mad scientist needs jars and those jars need labels, and since I like to reuse my jars the jar labels would need to be re-writable. Luckily, making re-writable labels for glass jars is easy with chalkboard paint.

All you need to make your own chalkboard paint jars is chalkboard paint, painter's tape, and chalk. Not only will your jars be quickly relabeled, you'll easily be able to distinguish between your coffee beans,marshmallows, dried monkey brains, and whatever else you have stored in your jars. You'll have the cutest jars for your lab this side of the Bride of Frankenstein.

Enough talk, let's make some chalkboard paint jars!

Step 1: Tools + Materials

  • foam paint brush
  • painters' / masking tape
  • straight-edged blade
  • clean glass jars
  • chalkboard paint

Step 2: Mask Area

Using painters tape or masking tape, masking off the area you want to make writable. Be creative with your area shape, it does not have to be a rectangle. You can just as easily make a circular or abstract pattern.

I made a few different rectangular shapes and one with two writable areas.

Step 3: Apply Chalkboard Paint

Dip your foam brush into the paint and apply a thin coat to the masked area of your jars. I found that brushing around the curve of the jar achieves a more uniform coating than brushing top to bottom. 

It's easy to apply too much paint when doing this, so start with just a light coat and work your way up. Stand jars upright and leave until dry to the touch, about 30 minutes.

Step 4: Remove Mask and Clean Edge

After your paint has dried for at least 30 minutes it should be safe to remove the masking tape. Removing the tape while the paint is slightly tacky allows for a cleaner edge at the masked edges.

Using a straight-edged blade, gently scrape away any places where the paint bled under the mask or any other places on your jars. Go slow and work the blade away from yourself when possible.

Step 5: Mark With Chalk

Your chalk paint may not be totally dry yet after removing the masking tape. Dry time will vary depending on how thick your coats were applied. Your paint should be completely dry to the touch and no dark or wet looking patches anywhere. Mine took about an hour to completely dry, if in doubt let dry for another hour.

Now, fill your jars with whatever you like and mark the jar's contents with chalk! The application and marking for your jars are endless.

Did you make your own chalkboard paint jars? I want to see it!

Happy making :)