Introduction: Cool Tape Geto Frisbee

This is My first instructable so please go easy on comments. This is the ultimate camping frisbee because it is fold-up-able. Just in case u dont get why it is called geto it is because it is made out of tape. U probably think it sucks and dont want to make it U ARE HORRIBLY MISTAKEN. This frisbee flies very well as long as it is not bent up to much. and when it is gnarled and destroyed u can tape over it until it is stiff again.

P.S. please look at my paper G36 and rate and comment XD

Step 1: Supplies

U will need-
-2paper plates
-tape (preferably not scotch)
-compass (the circle drawer thing(optional))

Step 2: Cut Out the Middle

cut out the middle of each plate.

Step 3: TAPE!!!!!

Sorry i get a little crazy over TAPE!!!!! U probaly want about 3-5 layers of tape for a goood frisbee.

Step 4: U R DONE

U are now done have fun with my geto frisbee! Dont forget to decorate your frisbee with color tape and rate and comment.