Introduction: Cotton Glow

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compiled by : Moksham Chhabra

Here is a cool cotton night lamp for Christmas or any other light festivals.

Step 1: Material's.,....

a cotton roll
cutter( blade )
a plastic or glass container
decoration lights ( with a switch to change the lights timings ( optional) ))

Step 2: Temporary or Permanent

first take a long piece of cotton and strech it as shown in the fig 1,2.

temporary perpose :::::

if u want it for temporery purpose don't glue the cotton piece to the walls of the container.

permanent purpose ::::::

if u want it for permanent porpose then u can use a very little amount of glue on the walls of the container to attach the cotton permanently ..

i am using it for a time period ( temporarily) now take the streched cotton piece and place it on the walls of the shown in fig's 3,4,5,6,7,8.

Step 3: Placing the Light Inthe Cotton/plastic Container

now make a roll or a ball out of the lights as shown above.

wrap some cotton around the ball / roll of lights . as shown above.
place it inside the container.

( note:: if your lights wire is cut out from one end tape it or use a glass container because the electicity from that wire placed near the cotton might cause a fire so to be secure don't use cut of wires peresent in the light's..)

when all the parts of the light are i side the container put a little amount of cotton above them .

Step 4: Final Touch

now take the blade and cut the locking area of the container till it reaches the middle of the area.

then take the two wires and place them between the cut az shown in the picture .

then put the cap of the container and switch it on and enjoy it...

( hope it helps your need and if any suggestions ou compliants let me know pl.)

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