Introduction: (rose) Snowball

cheap and (moderately) easy,beautiful and (extremely) romantic.
a rose,a symbol of your everlasting love,
the perfect present for the upcoming valentines day.

Made with everyday material and a lifetime warranty.

Step 1: Materials & Tools Needed

Materials needed :

1)a newspaper
3)a paper clip
5)3-4 small beautiful stones
6)modeling grass (i used oregano)
7)modeling clay(my clay painted the water red so be carefull about this)
8)a lamp

Tools needed:

1)glass cutter(diamond)
2)a syringe

thats all.

Step 2: The Insides of the Lamp.

time required: ~45 minutes
materials       : modelling clay, paper clip, silicone, modelling grass(or oregano), some thin green paper.

-first straighten the paper clip
-cut the green paper in strips 1 cm wide 5 cm long
-roll the paper strips on the straight paper clip
-take it off,apply plain paper glue to the paper clip then roll the green paper strip and let to dry
-using the modelling clay make a rose on the one end of the paper clip.(this rose is made from many small petals but an other one i made from one long strip of clay is better in my oppinion)
-pour some silicone on a sheet of celophane, sprincle some oregano on top then pour some more silicone to cover/trap the oregano inbetween.the upper side will come in contact with water so we must avoid oregano getting in the water.try to cover it without using too much silicone because it wont be transparent.

the result should be something like the photographs below.

Step 3: Preping the Lamp

you'll have to break open the lamp in a controlled way.
i tried two ways
1) to just brake the bottom.but i had a 66% success rate out of 3 lamps.
2)to use this trick.

then clean the inside.

Step 4: Building the Base

step by step for the base:
-bring to a boil the flour with the water to make some cheap glue-ish material and soak the newspaper after you cut it in strips 3cm wide.
-putting strip over strip make a ring of paper as shown in the photographs.(bear in mind that this will be the base so try to make it stable and able to support the lamp.
-glue the rocks on
-pour some paper glue and sprincle the orenagon on top.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

now we have to assemble the whole thing.
take the silicone and start pouring anywhere you see fit.
remember you have to seal the lamp with the rose in it,ensure no leakage is permitted and try to do it without getting silicone all over the inside of the lamp.
and thats takes some time and needs precision.
looking forward to seeing your (rose) snowballs!! :D

(it may seem foggy inside,but it's due to the bad;s perfectly clear)