Introduction: Dog Ice Lollies

frozen lollies just for dogs

Step 1:

What you need
dog treats
gravy powder
dog chew sticks
a bowl (after this I found out you need a jug for less mess)
disposable plastic cups
access to a freezer and water

Step 2:

put some gravy powder in the jug or bowl
add some warm water and stir until it's smooth

Step 3:

Take some treats and stir them into the gravy
pour the mixture into the cup

Step 4:

put a chew stick into the mixture
put it in the freezer

Step 5:

wait for them to freeze then take them out of the freezer
take some scissors and cut a slit down the side of the cup and peel the cup off until the lolly slips out

Step 6:

Give it to dog to enjoy

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