Introduction: Easy Cut Wrapping Paper

so this is how to easily cut wrapping paper without scissors. now to do this you will need wooden/laminated flooring with a groove where the planks meet.

I find this quicker than scissors and also you can get a really clean cut. so read on and be amazed

Step 1: Step One - Get in the Groove

not all floors have this but if you do then your sorted. if not then change your floor, it will be worth it. find a groove in your floor where the planks meet. this should easily be as long as your paper width.

Step 2: Step Two

lay out your gift and workout where you want to cut the paper. make sure to lay the paper over the groove at the point it needs to be cut.

Step 3: Step 3 - Staying on Track

now using a thin object (not a blade or anything sharp. something like a thin plastic rule. run down the groove and as if by magic the paper gets a nice straight cut. just make sure not to press too hard.

Step 4: And As If by Magic

all that's left to do is to wrap up that gift.

I find this method quicker and more precise than scissors or the fold and rip methods. it's also safer for children. and perhaps could be used as a concept for a safe way for children to cut craft paper.

anyway I know this is very dependant on if you have a groove in your floor but I do and it works.