Introduction: Easy Homemade Tattoo Gun

i'll be showing you how to make a easy simple tattoo gun.

dont be stupid and use this on your self. but if you do it's not my fault if you get a nasty infection and your arm falls off. i suggest just using this gun on oranges and other fruits .

Step 1: What You Will Need

here is what you'll need
1 r.c. motor (i got mine from a old cassette player )
1 mechanical pencil
1 spoon for holding the motor like a cradle
1 high E guitar string(thats the thinnest one for the people who dont play guitar)
1 eraser from the pencil
1 old phone charger, Walkman adapter, whatever you can find like that
and a bunch of electrical tape

Step 2: Step 1

take all the guts and stuff from the inside of the pencil and throw it away so all you have left is the tube and tip. and if there was a eraser then save it because you will need it later. your pencil should look something like the picture.(don't worry about getting the same kind of pencil)

Step 3: Step 2

now take your spoon and bend it in a L shape or like the one in the picture. thats the shape i prefer. a kinda Z shape.

Step 4: Step Three

now take you motor and tape it to thedip of the spoon with the little prong thing sticking out a little bit, so it is past the bend in the spoon. make sure it is sturdy and make sure the wires are still reachable.

i didnt take enough pictures so ignore the little blue thing hanging off the end for now

Step 5: Step 4

now stick the eraser as close to dead center on the little prong on the motor as possible. now cut your guitar string to about 6 inches and bend one of the ends in to a L shape about a centimeter down the string. next you need to take the bent end and stick it in the eraser off center like so.

Step 6: Step 5

insert the guitar string into the mechanical pencil and make sure that it is sticking out the business end about 2 mm . now hold it as best as you can in the same position and tape it to the handle of the spoon. now all thats left is attaching the power cord.

Step 7: Step 6

cot the end of the cord where it doesn't plug into the wall. now split and strip these wires. i might take a couple tries. now attach them to the wires on the motor with tape and try it out. if it works, good. if not you need to switch the wires. it's good to test it before taping.

Step 8:

now you can use it how it is but the guitar string is dull as all hell so i used a dremel too to sharpen mine up a little