Introduction: Easy Metal Collar for Your Dog

I know you are saying thats just a training or choke chain, and you are right.
And you should never leave these on a dog if not walking or training.

As you will see there is a way these can be used as a collar.

Abby is the gentle giant, and her best friend Is Prim when they play Prim grabs Abby on her collar and due to this Prim has chewed every collar off Abby.

Metal thats the answer but all I can find is training chains....

All it takes is one part to make a Prim Proof collar.

Step 1: This Is Abby She Is American Bulldog and Boxer Mixed.

The issue

Step 2: This Is Prim Full Blood Golden Retriever.

Step 3: Here Is the Training Chain

First you need a choke chain that fits your dog

Step 4: This Is the Part You Need Its a Screw Link for a Chain

You can find these with the ropes and chains in most hardware stores

Step 5: Put the Two Parts Together

By using this link you can safely leave this on your dog since it in no way acts like a choker/training collar

Step 6: Place Around Neck and Ajust

Just as it says ajust llke any other collar, knowing its the last collar you will have to buy

Step 7: Friends

As I said choker or training chains should never be left on a dog if its set up in the traditional way!

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