Introduction: Egg Box

A DIY egg box, folded from a polypropylene sheet. Easy to store by making it flat again.

I used polypropylene... but you can even make it in paper or cardboard (maybe you should do that first, as a test). The difference is that it will bow more. Even the polypropylene bows a little. I've find some ways to avoid that, but then it wasn't possible to store it easily (the box can't go flat again); and that's the main reason why I made it..

Anyways, read it, make it and find some eggs!

Step 1: The Things You Need.

A sheet polypropylene (A4) of 0,5mm thick

A ruler

A cutter

A pencil

Step 2: Preparing the Sheet, Side 1. Folding Lines.

First thing to do is shorten the sheet from 297 mm to 294mm (picture 1). The reason is simple, easy to divide by 7... Now draw the lines as you see in picture 2.

Step 3: Preparing the Sheet, Side 2. Folding Lines.

Turn the sheet over and draw the next lines.

Step 4: Preparing the Sheet, Side 2. Cut Outs.

The black areas in the two triangles must be cut out. The dimensions of X and Y aren't really importent; as long all the X's are equal; just the same for the Y's. In my model, i made the hight off the lips 7mm.

Step 5: Notching.

Now slide on every line you draw to make a notch. BE CAREFUL! Don't go to deep, like you cut it. On the other hand, when you don't go deep enough, the notch will crack when you fold it. The way i do it, is passing two times with the knife with little pressure. When you want to be sure; make a test on the triangles you have cut out.

Step 6: Start Folding!

Now, fold every line you notched. IMPORTANT: The notch is outside the fold!

Step 7: Secure the Ends.

When you fold the two horizontal lines, on each side the lips come together. Now put these through the cutout and secure them by unfolding the tips.

Step 8: Folding Together.

The simple part is over! You should have a result a bit like the photo. For the next step, you are going to have some patience. The triangles that ar colored with the pencil , should lie on each other. Take two triangles next to each other, hold them firmly with each hand and push them towards each other. I made a video when i was folding one... maybe it will help...

Step 9: The Result!


Step 10: Storage.

When you don't need your egg box, you can easily store it. You even have two ways; you can push it all together or you can just flip it flat. Check the link to see. For the first way, you will need a elastic or something to keep it together...

Thanx for reading, and i hope you liked it!