Introduction: Exploding Throwing Star

i use to love making these in primary school although i did hit a teacher in the eye and was never allowed near paddle pop sticks ever again lol neways i hope u guys have better luck at aiming then i did. This is wat the title describes it to be it is a star that explodes on impact to any hard surface and if aimed correctly can freak out alot of people especially in library's were study groups come together hehehehe XD hope u enjoy

Step 1: The Materials

all your need are 5 paddle pop sticks. These can be purchased at the local supermarket, hobby store, craft store or the 1 dollar shop.

Step 2: Putting It Together #1

first get two of the paddle pop sticks and place one on top of the other so it makes a reverse 7
(note: make sure the top stick is on top of the bottom

Step 3: Putting It Together #2

next get another paddle pop stick and place it over the two other paddle pop sticks so it makes a flag pole facing towards u. if confused look at the image.

Step 4: Putting It Together #3

now this is where it get tricky... first get a paddle pop stick and carefully slip it under the bottom of the reverse seven and CAREFULLY bend it over the stick that u have just put across the reverse seven and slide it under the top of the reverse seven the image will guide u hopefully. XD it should be able to hold itself together with out you holding it

Step 5: Putting It Together #4

your almost done now to make it look like a star all u have to do is slide the last paddle pop stick through the structure. as u could see in the last step's photo the structure has two of the sticks sticking out well u must slip the past stick through the center of the structure carefully and slip one side under left hand stick and pace it over the right hand stick and side it under the last stick juting out and your finished (hope that wasnt too confusing lol sorry if it is)

Step 6: Scream, Aim, Fire

now that your star is complete all there is left to do is throw it. I can be thrown like a frisbee or a ninja star and if aimed correctly it will explode and freak people out. hope u enjoyed this instructable