Introduction: Extreme V8 Knex Car

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this is a knex car that you can buy except when youre done you will have a modified and even cooler version it has a model v8 i made and is a bit tricky to build as you will have to have most of this done yourself.this project is a mix of both normal size knex but mostly small knex.

i would also like to say that i painted the car the colour that it is yours will be a different colour.
i rebuilt this so that roughly 70% of the chassis was made by me the body is stil standard excpet maybe a bit wider.i have lowered it nearly all the way to the ground.(its lower than it looks!.)

if you have had any trouble i can do more to help you.i will probably make an detailed video showing in depth how to do it if i get enough requests.

Step 1: Step 1.-basic's

have your knex street mods kit built according to the book.

Step 2: Step 2.-some Mods.

remove the front bumper and clear out the engine bay and rebuild as shown. you will need to make these custom mounts for the wheels and also to make soace for the v8 to fit in...took a while for me to realise this simple solution.also read the yellow box notes.

Step 3: Step 3.-more Work.

now for the v8 engine model i created a while the yellow box notes too.

Step 4: Step 4.-roll Cage and Rear of Car.

now you can build a roll cage into the cabin of your car when ready it adds detail so that car doesnt end up looking like a skeleton with an engine sitting in it.should make it extremely sturdy.also add pieces to your doors for even more detail.

Step 5: Step 5.-finishing Off.

tidy everything up then pretty it all up with the subwoofers they gave you.even add some custom touches yourself if you decide you want you have a v8 mistsubishi eclipse made out of knex.
happy building!.