Introduction: Fake Brass Knuckles

use a foam egg carton masking tape and paint to make cool display brass knuckles

Step 1: Materials

-foam egg carton
-(optional) painters tape

outer part 1
-painters tape
-silver paint

outer part 2
-spray glue
-tin foil

Step 2: Pix

find an internet picture or use mine
adjust size to fit your hand
then print

Step 3: Trace

cut out your template then
trace it onto the foam

Step 4: Cut

cut the outline out
repeat 3 to 4 times

Step 5: Glue

glue them together then tape them so they will dry properly

Step 6: Trim

trim so they are even

Step 7: Covering 1

tape edges with painters tape then spray paint silver

Step 8: Covering 2

spray with spray glue then add tin foil to give it a metal finish

Step 9: Ta Da

you are done