Introduction: Fishtail Ring Dog Toy

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in this instructable I will show you how to make a simple dog you, inspired by a few T-shirt toys I've seen, and the loom band fishtail bracelet. enjoy!

Step 1: You'll Need:

• T-shirts (different colours if you want a multi coloured you)
• a needle and thread (or sewing machine)
• scissors
• two tins or bottles
• a playful dog!

Step 2: Cut! Cut! Cut!

take one (or more) T-shirts and cut them into strips (avoid patterns on them, I have), two T-shirts make a good sized ring for a medium sized dog.

Step 3: Sew!

sew up the two edges of each strip to make rings, the sewing need not be too neat, just strong!

Step 4: Weave!

I used two tins as the loom.

first lay a band of T-shirt over the tins in a figure of eight, , add two more NOT in a figure of eight on top, pull the bottom band up and around the other two, add another band on top and pull the bottom band up, and repeat! if you can rainbow loom this is just the fishtail pattern on a larger scale!

Step 5: Tie Up!

tie the two ends together with a strip of fabric or sew them together, but it needs to be strong!

Step 6: Play!!

now test the strength and play!!
unless your asleep, like my pup, in which case: sleep, play can wait for unearthly hours of the morning!!