Introduction: Fix a Leostick Uploading Problem and Make It Easier to Use

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i was having trouble uploading to my leostick, after all day of searching on how to fix it i found this fix
dont you hate it when you made a program for it and you need to upload it with the 3-7 second gap where you need to upload, this gets rid of it so even when a sketch is running you can upload a new one.....\

you will need:
a leostick
arduino ide(latest one will help with better functionality)
the driver file

the steps
1: wait for windows to try and install the drivers then go into device manager
2: right click on arduino leonardo under other devices and choose update driver
3: navigate to the folder where you stored the driver you downloaded from this 'ible and install it
4: in the arduino ide update the settings to your leostick board and the comport number
5: upload your sketch, you now can have an old sketch running while you upload

if you link to this on another site can you post in the comment below that you have, because its cool that people like my stuff

hope this helps thanks for looking