Introduction: Flat Packed Coffin

flat packed coffin

here is an instructable to make your own flat-packed and eco-friendly coffin!

for this instructable you will need:

  • cartboard
  • cutter
  • ruler
  • pencil

Step 1: Make the Bottom

For this step you need a piece of cartboard.

The size depends on the person you want to bury.

The one i made is "children sized" , made with the P99 parameters of belgian people between 2-18y/o.

But you can you as big as you want.

A general rule for the size of the cartboard is:

length = the persons length + 20cm

width = the persons width + 20 cm

Step 2: Make the Handles

cut out the handles.

the amount of handles depends on the length of the cartboard.

i recommend one every 30 centimeters, and one at each end.

by playing with the position of size of the handles you can give more direction or personal touch to the coffin.

the shape of the handles allows to lock in the sides later on.

  1. measure and draw where the handles should be.
  2. cut out the handles.
  3. cut out the hole for your hand.
  4. round edges.

Step 3: Make the Sides

for the sides, use cardboard that is the length of the person and is a little higher than the person, so the cardboard overlays a little.

  1. make the insertion for the handles to fit in.
  2. cut the oval shape. it's important to have a perfect oval shape so there are no sharp corners.
  3. lock the sides on the bottom.

Step 4: Make the Top

the top is made in 2 parts.

1 bigger part to cover up the body, 1 smaller part to cover up the head.

include the hight of the person when lying down in the length of eacht part.

in my coffin:

biggest part = 65 cm (2/3 of 100) + 15 height = 80 cm

smallest part= 30 cm (1/3 of 100) + 15 height = 45 cm

i used a spare button and some black chord to close.

it also adds some contrast.

connect the top parts to the bottom.

Step 5: Your Coffin Is Ready to Use

the flat packed coffin is ready.

some tips & tricks for use:

  • fill up with paper particles instead of blankets for most ecofriendly result.
  • add a pillow for contrast (and for the persons head)
  • when the sides and top plates are removed over and over again, they might not lock as tight anymore. try to succeed in one time and leave the plates on.