Introduction: Frc Ironclad Flag

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This is a very fast very cheap way to make a flag and it takes about two hours maybe one if you work fast enough maybe even an hour . We used our flag for our first robotics competition and it looked beautiful in action.


1) Some fabric for the flag, we used some old curtains found at a thrift store

2) Spray paint from a craft store (we used Krylon Antique ) and some adhesive spray

3) laminator you can use a school one or go to staples this item is optional but is really helpful and highly suggested

4) paper to make your stencil

5) A sharp knife (like a scalpel) or scissors

6) some cardboard

Step 1: Make Your Template

So first you want to print your desired design

we laminated ours so we could use it again after we had sprayed the paint onto it and the flag and this way it came off a lot easier

now you have your stencil

Step 2: Cut Out Your Letters or Pattern

Now you want to take your sharp knife or scissors and very carefully cut out the colored area on your stencil ( so the black lettering in our text is the part we cut out) so that it looks like the pictures above. You want to be careful not to make any extra cuts and to keep track of the inside pieces and where they go like the inside of a capital "R" or "A".

Step 3: Placing Your Design

For the next part you will want to spray your adhesive on the back side of your stencil this way the paint does not spread around and gives it a nice clean finish.

Before you lay down your stencil on the fabric make sure it is smooth so the design isn't messed up.

also be sure to spray the little inside pieces of the letters with adhesive and place them before you use the spray paint.

Step 4: Spraying Your Design Into the Flag

Before you spray make sure you lay your cardboard around the rest of the flag so the spray paint does not get on the flag where its not supposed to be.

When you spray make sure your hand is around seven inches away form the fabric so the paint won't bleed. When using the spray paint use a constant side to side motion so it gets spread evenly. If there are a few spots that need to be touched up you can go back over those areas and do that.

Step 5: Peeling Off the Template

This part is the easy part just be careful when your peeling off the stencil that you don't just rip it off. Make sure you pull nice and slowly.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Hard Work and Be Proud of Yourself :)

After a few hours of work and determination you can make yourself a really good looking flag. :):):):):):)

Step 7: Our Flag in Action!

your flag will look great in action too!