Freddy Krueger Left Hand




Introduction: Freddy Krueger Left Hand

Every Freddy costume i've seen has a unburnt left hand, Here is my solution.

Step 1: Materials

optional but helpful hand mannequin

liquid latex

acrylic paints(i used folkart light flesh 229, skin tone 949 also americana ocean blue da270, apple barrel bright red 20401, and anitas eather 11144. all can be purchased at craft stores or even walmart)

plastic glove

toilet paper

cooking spray, or other release material

non porous surface (i used a silicone cutting board)

baby poder

optional (chopsticks)

Step 2: Paint

place glove on hand. (left) get referance pictures. and match the paint to the exposed muscle striation.(i had to mix blue red and a little heather to get it)

mix latex and paint, just enough paint to color the latex as it always dries darker.

paint onto gloved hand 3 times. I use these layers as test colors, lightening or darkening as i go.

at the 4th layer i coat it and the cover with toilet paper, then paint over the t.p.

On this project i added 2 more latex/paint lyers the did 1 more t.p. layer for added thickness, and strength.

Step 3:

try to get your final layer bubblegum pink (red and light flesh), then once dry, cover with final layer of just acrylic.
wait three minutes the wipe with a damp towel. do not rub too hard you want the darker color to add depth as in the third pic.

Step 4: Nurnies

spray release on non-porous surface.

mix latex and skin tone acrylic paint.

tear pieces of toilet paper and paint the onto the non-porous surface and cover with paint/latex mix.

one partialy dry, tear the paper tomake holes.(chopsticks work great, but tweezers or anything else will do)

once completely cover lightly with powder and remove.

Step 5: Apply

paint a lyer of plain latex back onto your hand and onto nurnie, then apply to hand cover again with latex. make sure there is no dry t.p. or it will tear.

once dry mix small batch of latex and light skin tone to add highlight

finally, powder on last time, and done

Step 6: Wear

before and after.

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