Introduction: Ft Helicopter

How to create a Helicopter using fischertechnik elements!

I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit Over the years I have built different themed models using all sorts of toys.

One standing challenge in the ft community, is to see how many unique models you can construct from a particular kit. The challenge I set myself is to explore the models that can be designed from a relatively inexpensive ft retail box: the BASIC CRANES kit (#96778). This first model is a helicopter. Everyone loves a helicopter!

This ft-ible will describe how to create a fischertechnik Helicopter!

NOTE: CAD images constructed with MLCAD/LDRAW.

Step 1: Gather Elements

You will need to gather your elements. This project is based on the BASIC CRANES kit (#96778). The fischertechnik elements are available from a range of kits available from ebay, Craig's List, or fischertechnik retailers. Elements can be purchased individually from

The List:

1 Angular Block 60 Degrees
8 Angular Block 30 degrees
1 Connecting Strip 15
2 Clip Axle 20
2 Sleeve 15
2 Building Block 15 with Bore
3 Building Block 15
2 Angle Girder 15
2 Axle Coupling
1 Clip Axle 75
2 Wheel Support
1 Rope Pulley 21
2 Flat Beam 120
2 Wheel 14
4 Building Block 7.5
2 Roller Bearing
2 Building Block V 15 Corner
1 Building Plate 15x30x5 with 3 Grooves

Step 2: Construct Helicopter

Begin constructing your model helicopter!

Start by adding a Building Block 15 to a Building Block 15 with Bor. Fix the pair on a Building Plate 15x30x5 with 3 Grooves, and add two Building Block 15s.

Step 3: Construct Helicopter (continued)

Build the body of the helicopter by adding two Building Block V 15 Corners under the pair of Building Block 15s.

To form the top of the cockpit, add two Angle Block 30s to the upper faces of the Building Block 15s.

Step 4: Construct Helicopter (continued)

Create the front of the helicopter with two Girder 15s added to the end of the Building Block 15s.

Step 5: Construct Helicopter(continued)

Add the wheel assembly by first adding a pair of Angle Block 30s to each side of the Building Block V Corners. Finish the assemblies by fixing a Wheel Support and Wheel 14 to each of the Angle Block 30s.

Step 6: Construct Helicopter (continued)

Create a rear wheel assembly by adding (in order) an Angle Block 30, Angle Block 60, BB 7.5 and a Roller Bearing under the rear BB 15. Finish the rear wheel assembly by fixing a Rope Pulley 21 to the Roller Bearing with a Clip Axle 20.

Step 7: Construct Helicopter (continued)

Begin the tail rotor section by adding an Angle Block 30 to the rear of the model. Add (in order) a Building Block 7.5 and a Roller Bearing to the Angle Block. Finish the tail by fixing a Connecting Strip 15 to the Roller Bearing with a Clip Axle 20.

Step 8: Construct the Helicopter (continued)

Begin the primary rotor assembly by fixing an Axle Coupling to the end of a Clip Axle 75 and insert the axle through the bottom of the Building Block 15 with Bore. Add (in order) two Sleeve 15s, then a Building Block 15 with Bore and fix the end of the axle with a second Axle Coupling.

Finish the helicopter by adding a BB 7.5 to each side of the BB 15 with Bore. Insert a Flat Beam 120 into each BB 7.5 to finish the helicopter.

Step 9: The Finished Model

Enjoy the ft Helicopter!