Get Videos Onto a Psp :-)




Introduction: Get Videos Onto a Psp :-)

ok the psp has a video file then why cant you put videos on

well i goin to tell u how

Step 1: Format the Memory Stick

for this to kick off go format your memory stick

to do this go to settings on ur psp then system settings and look for format memory stick once complete

sorry crappy cam

Step 2: The Download of 3gp

next download 3gp converter the download might be in japanease but as i found its easy to navigate through it

but there are other sites with 3gp converter i think

once downloaded unzip and install wen installing make sure u select the psp (direct renamed)

Step 3: Almost There

so now that ur psp memory stick is formated connect using usb or card reader

once opened you should see a file called mp_root if not make one
in side it you should see 2 files:

100mnv01 need this file


again if you don't see them make them

now open up file 100mnv01 and minimize window

Step 4: Finished

finally once 3gp is installed download some videos and run them through 3gp 1 at a time and you should up with two files after a video has been ran through already renamed to work with the psp

the files should be a video m peg 4 the other one should be thm file they should be called something like e.g M4V34346(the mpeg 4video) and M4V34346.thm

now with the 2 files just copy them into the file 100mnv01 and hey presto wen u disconnect goto videos and the video should be there

and also i'm sorry for my stupid first instructable

(if the thm file doesn't come or you dont find it make a copy of the mpeg 4 video and rename it .thm and there you should have a thm file)

heres a thm file once you have saved it or downloaded it make a copy and rename it to .mp4 now just copy both files into 100mnv01 and watch

this method is proven to work without faults over and over so if there are any or u have problems just email me @ and I'll reply to u asap (by asap i mean straight away)

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    You can choose Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite to meet your needs. you can convert both DVDs to PSP and videos to PSP with it.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Some problems here...
    • Proper spelling is needed
    • You Don't need to format the memory stick
    • The PSP doesn't read 3gp format, it reads mp4 and m4v
    • If you have the correct firmware, you should only have to place it in the Video directory
    • You don't need 2 files for newer firmware, it can be done with a .gif image in the same name, or just the video being placed in.

    Try to use:
    • Macro mode on a camera.
    • Correct Grammar.
    • Links.
    • Correct info.

    Try not to use:
    • Incorrect grammar.
    • The this is my first instructable excuse.

    Just some suggestions.

    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    3gp converter converts videos to mp4


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    so does Red Kawa's PSP Video and its free! and it is so easy to set custom resolutions as well (i convert HD quality vids on there and they look amazing on there!)


    13 years ago on Introduction

    why did he say we must format memory stick? like what if we have all our game data on it? im not ganna give up all game data for vid or two.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    I formatted my memory stick and I just moved my game files to my computer so they wouldn't be deleted and when I was finished I put the games back in



    13 years ago on Introduction

    It would be nice if you could put in a warning on the format memory stick step, saying that it will delete all save games and anything else on the memory stick (just so some poor (as in unfortunate) person doesn't delete all their data). To be hones you could just do away with that step as it is not really necessary. -josh


    This is a start, first of all you need to use proper spelling, it's something that 'ibles is well known for...

    For your photos try using macro mode on your camera, it'll make them look much better, also for making them less shaky set your PSP on a table and either use a gorillapod or the like or set your elbows on the table and stabilize on against a wall or on the floor use your knee.

    You can add links to pages outside of 'ibles by opening square brackets, pasting in your address, have a space, write what you want to say as the link like "here" for example and close the square brackets so in practice it looks like this: ' Link' That takes you to the home of 'ibles, as you can see, ignore the quotes in practice, without them this appears like so Link

    I also added some extra keywords to help with pageviews and would suggest removing the bit about it being your first instructable from your title, sometimes people have a go at you for that...