Introduction: How to Build a Cybermat

a cybermat is a small creature used by the cybermen for certain missions, this is an instructable on how to build a classic one, seen most notably in tomb of the cybermen.

Step 1: The Tail

the tail is made of three segments and a point. the largest segment should be a rectangle that is 2 by 5 inches, the second 2 by four inches and the last 2 by just over three inches. now fold them into thirds and use silver paint or tape to color them. to make the point cut out a triangle that has on side that is 2.5 inches and two sides that are 2 inches, then color it silver and divide it into fourths as shown below. finally use push pins to attach the pieces to one another and wrap some string or tape around the pins on the inside to make sure they don't come out, and the tail is done.

Step 2: The Head

to form the head cover the toes of a winter boot ( between 10 to 13 mens size) in tin foil to get a form. then put it over the tail as if about to attach it  and mold it a little to make it rounder and more flush with the tail, now smooth out the foil and attach it to the tail with the push pins.

Step 3: Details

now all thats left is to attach the antenna, the eyes, and the teeth,
  • to make the antenna i used lego antenna covered in black duct tape but pipe cleaners or twist ties in black tape will work to, they should be just over 2 inches
  • i also used legos for the eyes but it would be much better to cut a ping pong ball in half and then draw on the eye design.
  • finally, for the teeth cut out the outline of the head with an inch to spare on both sides of the line from felt, then cut the teeth out of the outside inch and use the inside inch to attach it to the cybermat. (this may also work with a strait strip of felt but i'll let you experiment).
and you are done!