Introduction: How to Store the Detachable File on the Leatherman Surge It's Self

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 I love my Leatherman Surge, I think it is one of the best Multi-tools out there. But I am not a big fan of the fact that I can only have the bone saw or the file on the tool. I could slip  what ever one I don't have on the tool into the sheath but I hate having the sheath on. I think the multi-tool sheath is the modern pocket protector. You just look like a big dork with one on.
 So I came up with a simple way to carry the extra file on the tool. This way I have all the functions of my Leatherman Surge on the tool it's self & have no need for the stupid sheath. Now my Multi-tool goes right where it belongs in my pocket out of sight.

Step 1: Making the Space for the File With the File

 The best part of doing this modification is that if you have a Leatherman Surge then you already have all you need to do this. 
  What you want to do is just take your file & file down the base of the straight edge knife just  so that the file will fit snug in the slot with the knife.This will not work with the other blade because that blade is to thick. You want to take your time here file a little & try to fit it in, do this over & over tell it just fits. With the file & knife in the slot the knife should be hard to get out. If you make it to loose the file will just slip out. 

Step 2: How the File Fits In

you will put the file in the slot first siting with the base of the file next to the base of the straight edge knife. then close the knife, that simple. The file sits on the outside of the slot & the knife on the inside. Now you can pitch that stupid sheath.