Introduction: How to Make PAPER

Homemade paper Is fairly easy to make and is very rewarding.

Step 1: Make a Wood Frame

I used a mitre saw to make a frame with mitred joints then just glue two blocks at ether side and put 4 screws in you could also use a handsaw and just overlap the corners or you could even use a picture frame.

Step 2: Adding the Mesh

Some mesh is required to cover the frame I used fine plant netting but I would recommend using tulle and stretching it ,this stuff does not stretch and just tears but it worked.

Step 3: Prepare Everything

fill up a container with water large and deep enough to submerge your frame.

you will need a blender I did not have one but I bought a mini food processor for cheap then as it was not made for liquids I just wrapped duck tape around the lid to stop it from spilling everywhere.

Step 4: Blending Everything Up

Start by tipping you chopped up paper and sawdust into the blender then add water and blend it up !

Step 5: Pouring It Out

lay the frame on the water it should float then pour the mixture out over the mesh.

Then making sure it is evenly covered lift the frame out

and carefully press out all of the water with a towel and a few fine clothes

Then leave it to dry in a warm room.

Step 6: Video

I have made a video of the process hope you enjoy.

my other attempts turned out a bit smoother as I used fine sawdust.

check out my youtube channel here