Introduction: How to Make a Charcloth-maker

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how to make a charcloth-maker

im not responseble for anything you do whith this thing

Step 1: The Stuff You Need

beer can

wide can

high can



cotton cloth

Step 2: Takeout

take out the parrafin from the "cup"

save the cup, its the part you will need

Step 3:

use the scissors or a knife to make a small hole in the bottom of the wide can

Step 4: The Cut!

cut the beer can like in the picture

Step 5: The Cut(s)!

cut like in the picture

Step 6: Fuel

fill the cup half full with alcohol

Step 7: Insert

put the cup in the beer-can-thing

Step 8: Put On

put the high can on the beer-can-thing, and put some cloth in it

Step 9: Put on 2

put the wide can upside-down on the high can

Step 10: Fire!

light it!

dont do this indoors, the smoke smells really bad

Step 11: Wait


Step 12: Done!

when the fire is out you can take out the finished charcloth

i also beleve that you can use it to make small quantities of charcoal