Introduction: How to Make a Duck Tape Bean Bag

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intro: bean bags are fun and has been used by children for years and adults too
in everything from a variration simlar to dodgeball to target pratice games often in life people got to inprovise
today we will show you how to make one
but please the disclaimer: this is for fair use only to duck tape and i give them credit to the amazing invention of duck tape and the other part inventors almost all the picture parts can be found on google if not a non drawing image parts
but the creator of the article put it together
and no reponsiblity is claimed by the creator of this article just give the creator which is the author credit for the idea and follow the idea protection linence
you need
duck tape, metal scissors, and a bean source which can things like be airsoft bbs,craft beads,rock salt ,etc you can even be creative
it's good to expermermint with the mass of the bean bag to find the right amount of fillings and mass for you.

Step 1:

first have about 3 layers of duck tape sticked right next to one another all of the layers facing the  sticky side up
then do the same thing execpt have the layers stick together,tape the sides execpt one opening slot then have it turned to a square shape
then go to step #2

Step 2:

just as the picture shows but around half full for cushioning unless you want to experment
then duck tape it shut then you are done on the next step is ways to play with it.

Step 3: Fun Games to Play

target practice
this one is one of the classics and one of the first that the creator used before he invented the duck tape bean bag
you can make some targets maybe shoot a bucket or something he says he will save it for other articles to research
#2 bean bag dodgeball
one of a really fun game to thos who like to play games where you can throw things at eachother in a controlled enivroment

  #2.1 regular dodgeball a simple tag or be tagged if you catch it you are back in if you are first in line o chosen depending on the sytem
 #2.2 free for all ,it's self explainitory which just like any chosen varerations you can get back in if you get pick up the sack
  #2.3 super man dodgeball how it works is there's a hand version of  hockey execpt with your hands and no line violations
  of the teams border line if chosen in that exact game execpt you can tag someone to help you win execpt one player per each team is intaggable which wears a vest called a super man which is best to guard the goal if you score into the net you get all your teams get players 1 life
#2.4 capture the flag this is easy enough to explain there are two side the defense and othe ofense the ofense team trys to capture the flag without getting hit and escape the opoments efense teams somevareration you can tag the defensem,others you can cath it and get back in others just like chances of all the games in here that could be used by a policy called tag backs which which means revenge gets all the tagged opoments vicitims 1 life and who was tagged is out
#2.01's sub varerations
#2.01 doctors which can revive other doctors in a  game called docotor dogeball which in cirtain varerations has doctors ungaurdable others allow it
#2.02 bounty hunters
bounty hunters are players set off to tag the top players to give the other players a chance just like how in the old western days
any other varetaions leave me a message and i will see what i can do or leave it in the comments you can make sugestions but please be nice and you can make subjestions if you want just dont be insultive

Step 4: Safety

sometimes if you ever hear from cirtain people like some parents,some teachers,etc are conerned about safety and that is agreeable that's why there's a recommendation to wear eye protection, and even less common ear protection becuase if you get hit in the ear with a bean bag it can absorb the ears when inpact cuasing a temporarely stiffness of hearing,the more often the worse but that's also why quite the amount of varerations have penaltys for cuasing injury, another place is the face however the face is not the biggest concern on the head it's more conerned about getting hit in the eye& or ears,the neck is only if it consitly gets hit for a long enough time
even the author/creator has at least some points in the dodgeball experenince has gotten hit in the nose,ears, had his eye spun,etc long ago it's a good idea that once someone got head stunned to take a break for the  half injuried player,head shots hurt so please be carefull when playing with more fragile people such as more elderly unfit people,kids who are way younger than you,and even thos who are not as strong/stable as you