Introduction: How to Make a Whip on the Cheap

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ever watched a movie where the guy had some huge flail and went around messing stuff up and said to yourself "I WANT ONE!!!" well now you can make your own on the cheap.
the whole project costs (at most) $25 and is quite durable, so its not like your gona go and try to use it and its gona break, and most households already have these items anyways.

oh yes, and the disclaimer:

This project is not intended for use on yourself, your friends or any of those pesky neighborhood animals, no matter how tempting it might be :p I am not to be held legaly responsible for any injuries or damage caused to yourself or other, this is also includes any property damage that may result from the use of this item, remember this is a WEAPON, it is to be treated with respect and not to be swung around wildly or broght to school FOR ANY REASON, it should be used purely for asthetic reasons and i can not stress this enough DONT USE IT ON ANYTHING LIVING!!!!! so, with that out of the way, on to the fun stuff.

Step 1: Step 1. Materials

you will need:

1- length of chain, any kind will do but i suggest stainless steel chain since it wont rust and is very duribale, the size of the links is up to you but for portability the smaller the beter (though try to keep it from being less than 1/8 inch links, otherwise it tends to break)

2- paper clips, as many as you want. (optional)

3- a quarter or just a plain stainless steel washer. (note the washer saves ALOT of pain in the but work)

4- a nail, and a hammer (if you're useing a quarter, you dont need these if you're useing a washer)

5- 2 pairs of pliers, and kind will do as long as they can seperate the chain links.

6- 1 exacto knife handle (with the peace that locks the blade in, you will not need the blades though they could be incorporated for extra damage/looks)

7- a little bit of imagination will go a long way in this project if you plan on customising yours.

Step 2:

first, take your exacto knife and completly take it apart, it should look like the picture below. we will come back to this laiter.

Step 3:

next take washer or quarter and follow the below steps:


1: take you pliers and open up several pieces of the chain link so the resemble the picture below.
2: next take your now opened links and place them around the the inside of the washer so that the opened end of the link(s) are facing OUT of the washer (away from the center of the washer) once the links are properly situated, take your trusty pliers and twist the ends of the link together so it resembles the below picture (looks kinda like barbed wire) do this around the entire perimiter of the washer. (make sure you leave on of the links untwisted for the next step, just leave it open for now, you'll see why.)


take your quarter and place it on a metal of stone surface, place your nail in the center of the quarter and hammer the nail through (iv found that doing this around the edge of the quarter allows you to add more spikes to the flail head) and follow step two in the "washer" part of this step.

Step 4:

you should now have a flail head that looks somthing like the picture below.

now, take the rest of your chain and place it with the opened link on your flail head, now simply sqweeze the open link shut around the chain link you just placed in it. you should now have a length of chain with the flail head attached to one end, it will look somthing like the picture below.


you can take any number of paper clips and twist them around the chain links below the flail head for additional spikes

Step 5:

now for the handle.

take your exacto knife and simply unscrew everything, it should look like the picture. you wont need the small cylinder you just need the peice that blade goes into and the shaft. place the peice in which the blade goes through the botom most chain link (not the end with the flail head) and simply screw this into the handle/shaft and tighten it until you cant tighten it anymore (i used the pliers they tighten it much more than your hands can, just be sure you dont strip the threads.

and thats it, your done, enjoy and be safe :D