How to Make a Halo Magnum

Introduction: How to Make a Halo Magnum

with halo reach out and halloween around the corner you may want to be a spartan, but what is a spartan with out his guns. this instructable will show you how to make a prop gun and though i made a magnum im sure you could apply this same consept to make almost any prop gun

Step 1: What You'll Need

foam board
hot glue gun
exacto knife or another cutting object
pencil or pen
white glue
electrical tape
sand paper
paint brush
 the computer you are using
and a printer

Step 2: The Templet

you will want to go online and print of a side pic of the magnum, or other gun of choice.
you will the want o cut it out
i would print more than one of the pic

Step 3: Foam Base

now you will want to go and trace out the templet on to your foam four times (if you do a gu like the magnum you dont want to trace the part where the the clip sticks out yet)
after that you can start to cut out the shapes. cut out the peices on the inside of the gun first
you have to be careful because the foam is thin and will bend and breack if you are not careful

Step 4: The Clip

to make a clip take your to inner layer and trace out the shape and size of the clip
then cut it out and sand the sides alittle so it will slide easyer
be careful this will make the gun tin where the clip is taken from and will bend if not careful

Step 5: Glueing It All Together

its time to fire up the glue gun
prelay out the order that they go on
start to glue them on layer by layer
another option is to use white glue but it takes longer
dont forget to glue the clip 

Step 6: Sanding

you will want to sand all of the edges down so they are all even
dont sand to much or it will ruin the gun

Step 7: Giving It Shape

now you will want to go back to and look at the temlet for any parts that stick out
you will have to cut them out and trace them on to the foam
you will basicly repeat the last few steps with these peices
but for the sanding you can sand at an angle to make it flow better

Step 8: Painting

now to make it look good
evenly paint the gun
do layers
take your time
make sure that the paint is acrylic paint other paints will eat your foam
if you dont have any acrylic paint you can coat the edges in glue and let it dry and then spray paint

Step 9: Finishing Up

to finish it you can put electrical tape around the handle
and paint on more deitals

Step 10: Final Tips and Warnings

remember that this is a prop and is not real
dont take this in to public, if you are doing this for halloween costume paint the tip of it orange 
remember you'll do such a good job they wont be able to tell
so dont run around to much with it in public or you will get shot by a real gun 

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Mister chef
Mister chef

1 year ago

Awesome! I’m exited to make this!


6 years ago

It's pretty good, but I would have painted it more like the reference picture, probably painted it black then masked the handle and the bottom of the end, and used grey on the rest. Also you really should have used paper/cardstock to cover the sides and give it some detail. The trigger only needs to be one layer thick, so you should have made it 5 layers, had the first one be the full stencil, and the rest be the stencil without the trigger. You should make another tutorial where you use an x-acto knife to shape the top edges into a slant kind of thing, and make sure the stencil you use has an opening for the barrel, so you can put cardstock in it to hide the layers then stick an orange straw in it after painting, like the picture I have here. You should also note that after the thick part on the top (the top laser sight) has nothing after it on the top, so you can actually have a little laser light(which can be just some bottom to an eraser that has cardstock on it). If you do decide to follow these tips, and you get the paintjob down, you could sell this on etsy for like 10-15$, which considering it's made out of foam board is a LOT of profit. Just saiyan.

hr magnum.pnghr magnum2.png

6 years ago

it looks really nice I just have a couple tips for you. I would try to round up the edges so it doesn't look so blocky and 2 please don't call that a clip. It's a magazine a clip is something that doesn't cover the end of the bullet. The ting you would use to load an m1 garand is a clip


11 years ago on Step 4

Wow! i didn't know it was possible to turn foam into a tin?


12 years ago on Introduction

This looks nice! If I end up doing this, the only thing I'm probably going to do is add a bit more detail. Nice work, man!