Introduction: How to Make a Money and Id Holder!!

sorry if the pics seem to be cracked because I had to take the pics off of my tab otherwise it's very cute and handy!

Step 1: What You Need

1. 2 duct tapes of your choice

2. rainbow loom bands/hook/loom

3. scissors

4. hole puncher

5. s clips

6. Velcro or any kind of tape

7. plastic or clear tape

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces You Need

cut four pieces that are four inches long of each color. You should end up with 8 pieces. Be sure that you have four of each color.

Step 3: Connecting Them Together

take two strips of your first color and connect it side by side. Now take your next color and place it on top of the sticky side of your first color repeat this step with your next set of strips to get two double sided sheets

Step 4: Adding Plastic/clear Tape

if you are using plastic cut it slightly bigger than your id card. If you are using clear tape do the same thing you did for step 3 except use clear tape and cut it to make it slightly bigger than your id card

Step 5: Tape on Sides + Plastic/clear Tape

place tape on three sides leaving a place on top to open up a pocket to place your money. Place and tape the plastic/clear tape onto the front of the wallet leaving a place open to slide im your id

Step 6: Hole Punch the Corner

hole punch any of the top corners

Step 7: Create the Bracelet

create a slip knot in the hole. Make 2 separate bracelets one with 13 and another with 11 or 12 and place a s clip on each end

Step 8: Connecting the Bracelets

connect the bracelet with 12 onto the slip knot.take your next bracelet and tie on the end of the bracelet to the first one and clip it to the fourth band going up

Step 9: Take Velcro or Tape and Place Inside

place tape or Velcro inside wallet/id holder and your finished with your id + money holder!!!

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