Introduction: How to Make a Simple Sonic Screwdriver

This is how to make a simple sonic screwdriver that doesn't require any soldering! It does, however, light up. 
Materials that you will need:
pvc, this will be the body of the sonic, 3/4th of an inch works well, but you could use any size you want.
led, this can be any color you want, mine was green.
glue, I used hot glue, as that is just about the only glue i use.
various metal bits and pieces.
small watch batteries
 the first part is the led and battery. take the led and bend the wires to fit around the battery, so that when you push down on the top the wire connects with the battery so the led lights up. Next you have to cut the pvc to the size you want. I used two pieces, one long one in the back and a small piece in the front. You need to cut a small hole for the battery and led piece to slide into the pvc. glue all this together. All you have to do now is embellish! make this sonic uniquely yours! Please post a pic of yours in the comments below!