Introduction: How to Make a Sun Catcher From Cardboard

this is how to make a sun catcher out of cardboard and glue and this is my entry to the gorilla glue cardboard contest and also my first instructable please enjoy

Step 1:

first you will need to gather these things

1.thin cardboard (Such as what cereal boxes are made from .)
2.a drawing of sort to make your sun catcher of
3.white school glue
4.a transparent paper protector
5. push pins old thick magazine or you can use a cork board
7. a sharp knife to cut your design out

Step 2:

make a drawing on the cardboard that you can cut out
such as this one I have shown

Step 3:

cut out what you have drawn with your knife very carefully
you can see what mine looks like cut out here

Step 4:

After you have cut all of your design out .
Take your tacks and tack around everything you have cut out ,inside and out on top of the transparent paper protector and magazine or cork board

Step 5:

the next and near final part is here. Pour your white glue into the parts you cut out of your design and wait for it to dry

Step 6:

When the glue is dry with no plastic exposed carefully undo the thumb tacks and pull your dried sun catcher off the protector . If you notice spots where there is no glue before you pull it off just put some more glue there and and let dry . I had to do this before i was done i did not tack it enough was the problem

You can use watercolors to give them color, but i did not.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable

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