Introduction: How to Make and Solve a Siamese Rubik's Cube (my First Instructable)


how to make and solve a siamese rubik's cube (type B) , your going to need

2 rubik's cubes (you probably want to use cheap cubes for the first time)
strong glue
a clamp (optional)

i would recommend that you use the same colours as me for better understanding

also this relies heavily on pictures so look at all of them
there are a few long agorithms to learn

Step 1: Making the Siamese Cube

first take out the top row of 3 cubies from one of the cubes
to do this just turn the top face 45 degrees and dig something flat under the middle cubie and pry it of (pic 1) it may be quite hard but there extremly hard to break

take out the edge and the 2 corners next to them (pic 2)

this bits hard to explain

get the other cube, take out he same pieces but directly diagonally from the colour you did before

i took out the blue and orange 3 (pic 3) so oposite blue is in my case green and oppossite orange is red
so on the other cube i take out the red and green trio, if you still dont get it align the colours of both cubes (pic 4) and take out the cubies in the hole left by the 3 you've already taken out (pic 5)

if you dont get that then look somewhere else

Step 2: Making the Siamese Cube 2

now you should be able to place the nicely together like picture 1

next you need to take of the stickers that would be in the join (pic 2)

now you glue them , put glue along the place shown in picture 3 of cube 1

then just stick them together like picture 4

then either put a clamp round them while the glue dries or put something heavy on them(pic 5)

Step 3: Solving the Siamese Cube

i'll take it you already know how to solve the rubik's cube, if you don't go and learn

first you need to know what moves you can and can't do (pic 1 and 2)
none of the front and backs move

if you cube isn't like this then either you've done it entirely wrong, or the glue is affecting those moves(if its the glue you should be able to moveforce it round at which point it will start turning like it should)

here the notation, this is slightly different from a normal cube so look at it (it picture 3)

for the LM and the RM moves, an 'a' after it means away from you, a 't' after it means towards you
and a 2 after it means twice

so LMt means move the left middle towards you
RMa means the right middle away from you
RMa means right middle twice
these will always be in brackets

Step 4: Solving the Siamese Cube - First 2x2x3 Layer

firt you need to get a T shape on the place shown in picture 1 after it should look like picture 2

warning: it has to be the cross of the colour on top when it was sloved, in my case blue

then you get the corners shown in picture 3

like in the beginners method you need to get it in the position below the place where you want it (pic 4)

the do L D Li Di until the corners in place, the turn the whole puzzle 180 degrees (pic 5)

get the blue white red into the postion shown in picture 6 and do Ri Di R D until the corners in place

if in either of these steps the corner is in plaec but not flipped correctly the just do the move until it is flipped correctly

Step 5: Solving the Siamese Cube - Middle Layer Edges

it should now look like picture 1

and you need to solve the edges shown in picture 2

so flip the cube 180 degrees (like picture 3)

like the beginners method you need to line up the correct piece with its center and there are 2 cases
1 .(picture 4)
2. (picture 5)

case 1 you do U Li U2 L Ui Li Ui L U Li U2 L

case 2 you do (LMa) U2 (LMt) U (LMa) U (LMt) U (LMa) Ui (LMt), Li U2 L Ui Li Ui L U Li U2 L

case 2 is extremly long but after the commer its case

rotate it 180 degrees to picture 6

and start doing the other edge, its the same moves but mirrored but i'll put them anyway

case 1.(picture 7)
case 2.(picture 8)

1. (LMa) U2 (LMt) Ui (LMa) Ui (LMt) Ui (LMa) U (LMt), R U2 Ri U R U Ri Ui R U2 Ri
2. Ui R U2 Ri U R U Ri Ui R U2 Ri

Step 6: Solving the Siamese Cube - the Last Layer

the way i do this is orient (flip) corners, orient edges, permute edges (corners alway are correct - i think)

in all of these you may have to do a few U turns

turn it so it looks like picture 1

first orienting corners- pictures 2-8 (view from top)

orienting edges - pictures 9-11
only 1 to learn and its easy

this looks complicated but its not, if you dont know what (RMa) and (RMt) mean go to step 3

1. (RMa) U (RMa) U (RMa) U2 (RMt) U (RMt) U (RMt) U2 ----- (picture 9)
the others are in the pictures

permute corners - pictures 12

1. R2 Ui Ri Ui R U R U R Ui R ------- (picture 12) (do twice if swap is in opposite direction)
2. (RM2) U (RM2) U2 (RM2) U (RM2) ------- (picture 13)
3. (RM2) U (RM2) U (RMa) U2 (RM2) U2 (RMa) U2 ------ picture 14

Step 7: Now Back to Step 1

for the other cube you just do the same thing and your complete

PM me if you need help, or i've done something wrong

have fun!