How to Make Skull Shape Fruit and Vegetables

Introduction: How to Make Skull Shape Fruit and Vegetables

i believe you have fun with many kind of skull , but never done anything with fruits or vegetables ..this skull is the world first one that related with the something you can eat ..

but it will be a great idea if you want to try to make one by yourself .. and let us see how it works ...

Step 1: You Need to Have a Skull Shape Plastic Mold

the skull shape did not come out from magic , it is come out from a strong plastic skull mold which you get from , although it will cost you a little bit , really worth to try to scare out your friend when you pick up a skull shape vegetable ...

Step 2: Use Them on the Fruits or Vegetables

Put the skull plastic mold on the baby fruit or veges and screw them tightly , remember put the fruit on the teeth position would get better shapes ...a little trick ..

Step 3: Waiting for Slowly Growing

When you finished the installation ,all you have to do is waiting patiently .and check at it careful when finally shapes comes ...cut it when the fruits fully filled in the molds ...

Step 4: Now You Will Get the Shapes

after 10 -20 days depends on different fruit or vegetables .. you will finally get the shaped one out of the mold ..maybe it is a little hard to take the fruit out of the mold , another trick is need , knock out the mold on the edges with hammer and let it shaking ,then will be much easier to lose the holding ...the pics are the test from gourds ...

Step 5: Watermelon Test ..

the test on watermelon is not as good as the gourd one ,the problem is because the watermelon is kind of small and did not grow enough to be shaped on the mold ,but you still can see the shapes has come out , it just need a bigger seeds ....

growing these will be pretty fun , contact if you want to have that fun .and of course many others shapes .

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    the mold can be used on many other fruits or vegetables ,such as pumpkins ,melon , squash ..anything that bigger than the mold itself ...

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool to bad its kinda late to grow vegtables in colorado at this time