Introduction: How to Make Some Delicious Chocolate Chip Waffles

today I will show you how to make some easy chocolate chip waffles

Step 1: Ingredients

you will need
vegetable oil
chocolate chips
just add water pancake mix
cooking spray

Step 2: Tools (well Sort Of)

a waffle maker
a Med sized bowl
tongs (to grab waffle)
a fork (to help grab waffle)

Step 3: Mix Ingredients

mix 2 cups mix and
1 1/2 cup water
and 1/4 cup vegi oil

Step 4: Plug in Waffle Iron

turn on waffle iron and if its adjustable turn it just past light. and wait for light to go off

Step 5: Pour Mix

pour mix and put chocolate chips on top

Step 6: Sit Back and Eat Some Chocolate Chips and Relax

yes do this as well it helps you wait

Step 7: Getting It Out

use the tongs and fork to get the waffle onto the plate. I used a sharp knife to cut it into four squares

Step 8: Eating

serve these up the way you like them and enjoy :)