Introduction: How to Make Your Own Super Mario Levels

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 making your own levels is fun and easy, you can also play your levels and save them with word pad or an other word program

Step 1: Websites

 there are many websites with this flash game, but you can simply google it if you dont know any (google: super mario level creator)

heres a site you can play it at

Step 2: Choosing a Player

click level editor and then choose your player
note: its the same for both players so it doesn't matter who you choose

Step 3: Creating Your Level (part 1)

click create

  push change until you find the type of world you want to make (main world)

push select one time and then push change again until you find the type of world you want to make into your sub world (world you go to with warp pipes or doors)

push select again

change the size of each word (maximum size = 4180)

click build to start building

Step 4: Creating Your Level (part 2)

to enter the menu push the up arrow key

click next and prev to scroll through the blocks

at the top of the menu there are 6 options:
tyles = the blocks that make up each level
objects = invisible blocks and elevators/ falling blocks
monsters = enemies and blocks that can hurt the player (lava is in tyles)
save = set start point and flag pole, set music for each world, stop all music, from playing, and name and save your game
warp points = allows you to make a warp point from main world to sub world and vice-versa
main level/bonus zone = changes from main world to sub world

click a block to select it

press the down arrow key to return to your level

click to place block

to delete a block select a block from your menu (block of same type) and click the already placed block and it should be deleted

press the left and right arrow keys to scroll through your world

note: if your already big mario and you hit another mushroom block it will be a fire flower

Step 5: Saveing and Loading

once you save your level and return to the main menu, click code and there should be a long code which is your worlds code. copy & paste this code to a notepad document to be able to keep it in case you want to play/edit it again later.

when you want to play it again simply open the word document and copy the code and then go to the flash game and click create, then load and paste your code in there then push load at the bottom.

when you want to play your level simply push play in the level editor menu


if you want to try someone elses levels push the get codes button at the bottom left of the level editor menu

Step 6: Video Tutorial

credit goes to basturnen for the video tutorial
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